Jasmine Golestaneh

Jasmine Golestaneh was born in the swamps of Florida, and comes from a long line of Persian Latvians that materialized from algae infested waters. She grew up in London, then took up dueling at Oxford University where she graduated with a BA in History. Shortly after, she put down the sword to head for New York City where she still lives, writes and performs music with her band Tempers, makes collages, and summons / evicts demons. 

Tempers debut album Services was released in 2015 on cult imprint Aufname + Weidergabe. Their 2017 EP Fundamental Fantasy was released as a result of The Vinyl Factory's artist residency on the Aeolian island of Stromboli. Tempers versatile interest for the arts led to the 2018 release Junkspace (BMG Germany), collaborating with famed architect Rem Koolhaas through samples of his interview discussing the deconstructed banality and overlooked grace of 20th century shopping mall culture. The record is available in select cultural hotspots, from The New Museum in New York to Walther Konig museum stores throughout Europe. Tempers latest album Private Life was released on Dais Records Oct 2019.